Emotion : Panic

Artist : Wishbone Ash

Track : Lonely Island

Album : New England

Release Details : MCA Records, 1976

Yeah man, smokin’ doobies and takin’ it easy with your crew. Listening to the old 70’s rock classics and dissecting the works of George Lucas into the wee small hours.

You’re a bit hungry now though and you’ve got the urge to go and get some food, so you get up, go and grab a hoody and you and your boys set off down to the all-night garage.

It’s 2 a.m…

You stop to have a piss against a hedge. Steam coming off it. It’s freezing. One of those winter nights when it’s properly dark.

Done and dusted you zip up and continue your journey, nip around the corner to catch up with the lads. You can’t see them though.

They’ve maybe gone the short route, back you go, no, hold on, I’ve never been on this street before.

The sound of a car alarm going off in the distance…

There’s no sign of your friends, no sign of the 24-hour garage but there are some people up ahead so you can ask them where you are.

As you get closer you notice there’s about 12 lads and 2 girls. The lads are wearing grey tracksuits and they’re either on bikes or holding a Bull Terrier on a leash. Best to turn around probably. But they’ve spotted you. And they want ‘a light mate’.

You decide to run “…may the force be with you…”