Emotion : Contentment

Artist : Thomas Dolby

Track : The Flat Earth

Album : The Flat Earth

Release Details : EMI, 1984

It’s 5am, you’re working the morning shift and you have to start work at 7am. Shit, shower and shave.

A couple of rounds of toast and a double shot of good quality coffee whilst catching up on current affairs via the BBC world service. Leave the house to find your car windscreen covered by a thick layer of frost. Open the boot and scrape the elements from your vehicle. Once inside the heater finally kicks in and you depart for another day in the office and it’s still pitch black outside.

Silence. You’re one of only a handful of vehicles on the road, sharing the highway with couriers, milkmen, and the other obvious shift workers.

All of a sudden you can hear music. It’s filling the capsule transporting you and as if by magic you are taken to another place, another time. The day’s impending work-related tasks are no longer at the forefront of your mind. Dawn has just broken on the horizon and you notice for the first time that day that you are alive. Your focus is tested as your eyes shift away from the dark grey tarmac of the road and upwards toward the multitude of colours found within the brickwork of the Victorian buildings that encroach your peripheral vision.

Red light, stop. You’ve reached your destination.

Sometimes the shuffle function on your music player get’s it just right…