Emotion : Passion

Artist : Shabba Ranks

Track(s) : Mr. Loverman (Radio Mix and Raggamental Mix)

Album : Rough and Ready, Volume One

Release Details : Epic, 1992

Never mind Simon keeping his missus on edge up at the Travelodge, I’ve gone full tilt.

I’ve been down Ikea and picked up some tea lights and I’ve cooked Oysters, Asparagus, Chocolate, Honey, Banana’s, Basil and Figs. I’m wearing my best pair of Colin Klein boxers and I’ve turned the heating up to ‘Death Valley’.

I’m gonna get freaky.

Thing is, if you’re going to get balls deep you need the soundtrack for it. Obviously, this being Valentine’s night, it needs to be emotional and there is no doubt that this track ticks all the boxes.

Grunting – check, Crying – check, Primal shouts of manly emotion – check.

Shabba Ranks, otherwise known as Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon, created this, the track that inspired us to start this blog, in 1992. Bizarrely David Morales is credited as a producer.

We’re not being ironic, there’s no ‘the 90’s were brilliant LOL’ schtick here, this is a geniune corker of a track.

Guaranteed winner with the birds, if you’re not fingering someone by the time this finishes you’re not doing it right.