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Emotion : Melancholia

Artist : Fine Young Cannibals

Track : I’m Not the Man I Used To Be

Album : The Raw and the Cooked

Release Details : I.R.S., 1989

School Discos were always fairly strange occasions musically.

The ones I remember at our scholl from the late 80’s brought a taste of being down your local Ritzy that you wouldn’t sample for another 5 years (okay, 2 years) and combined it with a load of ‘party’ records that only a 12 year-old could like.
So you’d have Roachford’s ‘Cuddly Toy’ segueing effortlessly into Black Lace’s ‘Superman Song’ into Queen’s ‘I Want It All’, while some Pat Sharp character at the controls of the mobile disco bellowed birthday shout-outs into a yellow plastic telephone.


A State Of Mind.

A lot of people will try and tell you they were there too, don’t listen to them – they’re trying to hijack what we had.

Two hours of that in a pair of green Burton chinos, chambray denim shirt and doused in Lynx Marine certainly took it’s toll, but you’d save yourself for the moment you all knew was coming – the erection section.
If you were lucky you’d pair off, a totally random process, often more down to if you happened to be stood near a girl than anything else.

Maybe you’d be one of the lucky ones…

Brace yourself for a huge downtempo downshift and BOOM, you’re slow-dancing and it’s straight in with this track.
Sad vocals with adult themes.
Melancholy. This girl thinks I’m deep. I can tell. Dive in for the snog?

Bide your time idiot… We’ve got ‘Especially for You’ to come yet.

Meanwhile your mates who didn’t pair off are doing the ‘running man’ to the sped-up ‘Funky Drummer’ beat underneath.