Heartbreak, Passion, Rejection, Melancholy, Rage, Desire… They’re all well represented on this, the second volume of the Emotional Pop mix series.

This one is a slow burner, it gets no higher than 110 on the bpm count and spends most of it’s time in the low 80’s but that’s what we’re all about.

It’s so powerful that my turntable got emotional and started speeding up and slowing down during 10cc. If you choose this mix as an accompaniment to some love making and this puts you off your stride I apologise. Just ride it though. It’s a deep track, the old belt-drive clearly got caught up in the moment.

Elsewhere there’s reflections on love from the Art of Noise, loneliness from Eurythmics, passion from Bryan Ferry and shitty Spanish from Madonna.

Stick the heating on, strip down to your smalls and get this on.

Niles – Emotional Pop Volume Two

  • The Art of Noise – Moments In Love (Beaten)
  • Eurythmics – This City Never Sleeps
  • 10cc – I’m Not In Love
  • Bryan Ferry – Slave to Love (Extended Mix)
  • The Cars – Drive
  • Talk Talk – Renee
  • Carly Simon – Why (Vocal 12″ Mix)
  • Annabel Lamb – So Lucky In Bed
  • Madonna – La Isla Bonita (Extended Vocal Mix)
  • China Crisis – Docklands
  • Julie Cruise – Falling (Instrumental)
  • Japan – Ghosts
  • Rose Laurens – Quand Tu Pars
  • RAF – Self Control