Emotion : Love

Artist : Barry Gibb

Track : Moonlight Madness

Album : 12 inch release – Cat# 887 785-1

Release Details : Polydor, 1988

The travelling salesman can be a lonely career choice. Long, solo journeys on the road with no-one for company but a Blackberry and summarised notes made on the next SME that’s on the list of companies to visit that day.

Gary  is employed to hawk membership packages relating to best practice for SAM (Software Asset Management) and it can be a demoralising and meagre experience. There’s no targets and income is generated strictly on a commission-only basis. Numerous credit cards have been maxed out and it’s not uncommon he uses the fraudulent identities that have somehow been acquired over the years.

Emergency stops at motorway service stations are required as the ever more frequent  anxiety attacks grow stronger by the day. After years of optimism and expectation he’s come to accept the situation. How? Mid-priced hookers.

Gary’s not been involved in a relationship since a then team leader slept with an ex-girlfriend at an annual conference (She dumped him an hour into the awards dinner) but that didn’t matter to him. She couldn’t offer him what the prostitutes offer him anyway. No expectation, no responsibilities. Here, Gary isn’t a travelling salesman, what he does, doesn’t matter. Stunt double back home from the states, tour manager for some shitty, soon to be discovered band, merchant banker, whatever… Low-rent 3* hotels are more often than not the locale of choice, the bar is equally as bland but minimal time is spent on the pleasantries, time is precious and for these short interludes, Gary is truly himself…