Hi guys, I’m back, and I’m previewing something else on International Feel. Essentially if you want us to preview your stuff just make sure it’s shit hot and send it through to us before it comes out so we can feel important and relevant.

Anyway, I digress; we all remember La Torre Ibiza Volumen Uno don’t we… No, me either although apparently it was in Resident Advisor’s top 5 compilations of the year and I’ve bought it off Juno this morning for a five spot and can confirm it is very tip-top indeed.

This is Volumen Dos (two for those of you not fluent in Spanish) and it continues the same well-worn path as the first. What path is that I hear you ask? Well, super relaxed, floaty instrumental business, off kilter pop music that sounds good on pills, pan pipes and odd foreign gear that sounds ace with a glass of Sangria and a killer sunset.

We just need them to book Simon and I to go over and play there now and it’ll be sound…

The press release for this has some really deep shit but you’re not here for that so check out this mini mix of the first comp and grab the album at the end of June – LOOK AT THAT FUCKING TRACKLIST!!

There’s some obscure stuff on there so I’ve made notes to help you out.

La Torre Ibiza Volumen Dos – International Feel – June 30th

  • 1. On Retinae (East) – Dip in the Pool (classic)
  • 2. Tema Perr Malva – Ishi Vu (drugs gear, fully approve of this)
  • 3. Diya Gneba – Oumou Sangaré (aforementioned weird foreign gear)
  • 4. L`Uomo Invisibile – Fuga Ronto (absolute business this one)
  • 5. Otis – The Duritti Column (ask your Dad)
  • 6. Expansions – Lord of the Isles (Enya vibes)
  • 7. Kona Winds (with Kimo and the Guys) – Marvin Franklin (loads of time for this, slinky as fuck)
  • 8. Secret Doctrine – The True Underground Sound of Rome feat. Stefano Di Carlo (see no. 2)
  • 9. Clocking Off – (DON’T ASK) (sounds like what everyone was listening to in 2006)
  • 10.Today Feat. Sui Zhen – Tornado Wallace (v v v v v v v Emotional Pop – 5 hearts out of 5)
  • 11. Abraham’s Theme – Vangelis (I forget how many great tracks Vangelis has done)
  • 12. Finding – Pitto (Epcot Center)
  • 13. By The Round Lagoon – Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru (chuggy foreign gear, dead good)
  • 14. Midnight Cowboy – John Barry (as seen on Emotional Pop Dot Com)
  • 15. What About Now ? (Storm Clouds over Cap Negret) – Mark Barrott (sounds like it’s off a compilation called ‘Inspirations’. This is a good thing)
  • 16. Shadows From Nowhere – Blue Gas (see 9, Bee Gees holy grail find type stuff)
  • 17. Learning Time – Eric Serra (theme tune to an 80’s romantic thriller that you haven’t got round to watching on your Netflix watchlist yet)


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