Emotion : Suffering

Artist : Everything But The Girl

Track : Single

Album : Walking Wounded

Release Details : Virgin, 1996

Today is one of the most emotional days of the year. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s emotional because a) You have a partner and you have no option but to be ‘Romantic’ or b) You’re single (Still…) and you’ve already considered driving to Barton Bridge not taking your foot off the accelerator and keeping the steering wheel at 12 o’clock, once you reach the peak and the road forks left (Like that scene in ‘Fight Club’).

Well, in case you are wondering I’m in a long-term relationship (Sorry ladies…) and as a one-off treat to my ‘Special Lady’ I’ve somehow managed to reserve a table at the Little Chef, just off J24 on M62, which for all you motorway enthusiasts out there is the highest motorway in the U.K, so the views are stunning. I’ve also reserved a double room at the Travel Lodge, which is situated next door and I’ve got a feeling my luck’s gonna’ be in once the cover is unveiled on this one.

I’ve yet to let the missus in on her little surprise. I’m going to pick her up from work then… BAM! Out with the big guns and let her in on my little (Geddit…) secret that dinner and digs have been sorted for an evening of pure romance.

Just to remind her of what a catch I am, I’m going to be putting this track on repeat to let her know what life would be like should I ever hook up with Julie from sales…