Creme Rinse

I’m currently collaborating with PAOLSZI on the brand’s latest project – Creme Rinse, providing musical accompaniments to the release of the latest ultra – limited garments.

The range of t-shirts, blink and you’ll miss them, are super limited, hand made and will look just as good hung on your wall as draped over the lithe frame of a young lover from Cleethorpes that you’ve met in Salou.


Audio 1 is Italo, it’s Euro, it’s drinking Vodka and Fanta Limon out of a paper straw perving at the french girls on the balcony below sunbathing topless.
It’s fast, furious, frantic, fingering friendly and funky. It’s electronic and brash. It will annoy your neighbours. It will get you laid.


Creme Rinse – Mixed and Compiled by Paolszi and Niles

  • Sandra – Maria Magdelena (Extended Version)
  • Visions – Everybody
  • Spagna – Easy Lady (Extended Version)
  • C C Catch – Strangers by Night (Maxi Version)
  • Baby’s Gang – Happy Song
  • New Baccara – Call Me Up (Maxi Version)
  • Fancy – Lady of Ice (Maxi-Single Version)
  • Linda Jo Rizzo – Heartflash (Tonight) (Extended Vocal Version)
  • Camaro’s Gang – Ali Shuffle (Edit)
  • New Baccara – Fantasy Boys (Special Cut)
  • Macho Gang – Naughty Boy (12″ Mix)
  • Bernie Paul – Attenzione Go Go Radio (Original 12″ Mix)
  • Silent Circle – Stop the Rain in the Night (Maxi Version)
  • Desireless – Voyage Voyage
  • Gina T – Tokyo By Night
  • Righeira – Vamos A La Playa