Will Tramp offers a hook laden voyage on the seven seas of smooth

Will (one half of the TRAMP! djs) digs deep into his bag of nautical swerve balls and reveals some of his favourite non-dancefloor records.

The mix navigates its way through Balearic oddities, Yacht step, obscure pop, disco rock, electro funk and gospel bangers. For best results please listen on a boat with your top off. If this isn’t possible then mix yourself a hurricane and relax in your music nook with friends and/or lovers.

Will Tramp! – Seven Seas of Smooth

  • Intro by Hollywood Steve/ James Litherland- ‘Where To Turn’
  • Hypertension- ‘One Night Woman’
  • Ambrosia – ‘Living On My Own’
  • James Walsh Gypsy Band- ‘Cuz It’s You Girl’
  • Donald Fagen- ‘International Geophysical Year’ (What A Beautiful World)
  • Stevie Wonder- ‘Love Light In Flight’ (Extended 12″ Mix)
  • S.O.S Band- ‘High Hopes’
  • Orlando Johnson- ‘Can’t Break Loose’ (Touchsoul edit)
  • Break Machine- ‘Street Dance’
  • Paula Cole- ‘Feelin Love’ (Physchemagik Remix)
  • Eva Gina- ‘I Lost My Love’
  • Kid Creole & The Coconuts- ‘I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby’
  • The Zebras- ‘For Your Love’
  • The Rolling Stones- ‘Too Much Blood’ (Debonair Dub)
  • Neil Young- ‘My My Hey Hey’ (Cousin Cole Edit)
  • Madonna- 1985 MTV Interview/ Like A Prayer (Mike Simonetti Gospel Acapella Edit)


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