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This is the first in a series of classic Cosmic Disco mixes that we’ll be sharing in the run up to our 10th Anniversary party on July 23rd at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester.

Back in 2006 Cosmic Disco was conceived, originally as a radio show on Unity FM, where 3 friends shared their passion for electronic dance music with literally tens of people, every Monday night for over 3 years.

From playing the latest releases alongside obscure Italo, Afro, Cosmic records (with anything else that took our fancy) emerged where radio shows were published alongside some of the finest mixes and interviews from a number of the most respected DJ’s and musicians from across the globe. Back when blogs ruled the net was one of the most respected and visited sites specialising in electronic music at that time.

We’ve got archived mixes from the likes of Bicep, Boo Williams, Luke Solomon, Flemming Dalum and DJ Mooner plus many more that we’ll be uploading over the next month…

Proto One is a collection of Boogie and Soul that myself and Simon put together in 2009.

Niles & Baggy – Proto One

  • Roberta Gilliam – All I Want is My Baby (Instrumental) [Sutra Records 1985]
  • Reaction – My Downtown Lady (Instrumental) [Strawberry Records Unlimited 1985]
  • Fascination – Out To Get You (Dub) [Banana Records 1983]
  • Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair [Quality Records Ltd 1981]
  • Russell Patterson – I Surrender (Dub Mix) [Culture Shock Records 1987]
  • Modern-Nique featuring Larry Woo – Love’s Gonna Get You (Watch Out Baby For Love) (Instrumental) [Ten Records 1986]
  • The Paul Simpson Connection – Treat Her Sweeter (Dubmental Mix) [Easy Street Records 1985]
  • L.I.F.E. – All Played Out (Bonus) [Dance-Sing Records 1984]
  • Komiko – Feel Alright (Vocal and Dub) [Sam Records 1982]
  • Elektrik Funk – On a Journey (I Sing The Funk Elektrik) [Prelude Records 1982]
  • David Joseph – Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) [Island Records 1983]
  • Peter Brown – They Only Come Out At Night (Instrumental) [CBS 1984]
  • Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (Instrumental) [Atlantic 1984]
  • Mercy Mercy – What Are We Gonna Do About It? (Dub Mix) [Ensign Records 1985]
  • Endgames – Ecstasy [Virgin Records 1983]
  • Raw Silk – Just In Time & Space (Dub) [West End Records 1983]
  • Intrigue – I Like It (Instrumental) [Pressure Records 1982]
  • Radiance featuring Andrea Stone – You’re My Number 1 [Are’n Be Records 1983]

Roberta Gilliam – All I Want Is My Baby (Instrumental) [Sutra Records] 1985

NILES: To start the mix off I’ve gone with a really strong ‘rare-groove’ track from 1985 from the otherwise unknown Roberta Gilliam. Like most of the artists on this mix they tend to be one or two hit wonders but this is a really strong slow soul burner. It’s a bit pricey on Discogs but Ebay should help you out. I got mine off an old boss who noticed I’d bought a Colonel Abrams record and mentioned that he had some similar music I could have as he didn’t want it. This was the highlight along with a nice, clean copy of the Universal Robot Band’s ‘Barely Breaking Even’.

Reaction – My Downtown Lady (Instrumental) [Strawberry Records Unlimited 1985]

NILES: This was rescued from the bargain crates at Vinyl Exchange with a 10p sticker on it. The E.P. has 2 tracks which are both decent but this dubbed out version is the standout. Discogs doesn’t have much to offer in the way of info or other releases but you can pick a copy up on there for £15.

 Fascination – Out To Get You (Dub) [Banana Records 1983]

NILES: Simon put me on to this label when he introduced me to a track by Valentine called ‘Tina, Are You Ready’.
Since then I’ve made a point of picking up any tracks on this label and this was a blind purchase from a charity shop in St. Ives. It’s probably one of the most ‘Boogie’ tracks on here. As per usual we’ve gone down the dub/instrumental route.

 Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair [Quality Records Ltd 1981]

NILES: This track came to my attention on a french cd compilation called ‘Funky Collector’. After that a fruitless search of Ebay began until I happened across a copy in Astonishing Sounds rival store ‘Electron’ in Burnley. It was the only save-able record in a musty cardboard box but it was worth getting caked in shit for.

 Russell Patterson – I Surrender (Dub Mix) [Culture Shock Records 1987]

SIMON: Russell Patterson was one of the founding members of the 1970’s disco group Black Ivory (Where he later recruited Leroy Burgess and songwriter/producer Patrick Adams) who had a smash with the monster that is ‘Mainline’ then later went on to perform once more alongside Burgess in the group – Logg. ‘I Surrender’ is a Patterson produced track from 1987 on Culture Shock Records out of New Jersey and has that the classic post-disco/garage sound with soothing synths and one of the catchiest (And heavily sampled) vocal hooks laid down in early house music. I came across this track whilst flicking through the ever consistent King Bee Records in Chorlton many moons ago and loved it so much on first listen I paid a few quid for my copy but it’s easily and cheaply available via discogs these days. Although not played out in my live sets for a good few years it more than warrants inclusion on this mix.

Modern-Nique featuring Larry Woo – Love’s Gonna Get You (Watch Out Baby For Love) (Instrumental) [Ten Records 1986]

SIMON: A Cosmic Disco classic, played regularly by the both of us to this very day. Mixed by Tony Humphries with the sublime vocals of Larry Woo this is one of those tracks that sends shivers down the spine and the instrumental plays out the synth stabs to perfection with a delayed vocal letting the beat and keyboards control the mix with shimmers of guitar chords to pull you back in. If memory serves me correct I got my copy with a job lot of post disco/boogie records from a seller on EBay well over 10 years ago. This was probably one of only about 10 records I kept hold of, re-selling the rest of the crap that came with it as I was buying the collection blind (Never a good idea). Somehow I managed to sell the remaining items for more than I purchased them for! You will find this track in almost every second hand record store you come across so if you’ve still to get yourself a copy, don’t hesitate.

The Paul Simpson Connection – Treat Her Sweeter (Dubmental Mix) [Easy Street Records 1985]

SIMON: New Yorker, Paul Simpson was a one time radio DJ on Kiss and WBLS and is another producer whom when you see his name credited on a record when skimming through those boxes we advise you to pull them out of the crates without a moments hesitation, ready to take a listen. As with the majority of these early house tracks it’s the dub versions we hunt for and combined with a release on Easy Street (Our’s is the US Pressing, UK distribution was via 10 Records) you know the quality is going to be high. Paul Simpson released records under The Paul Simpson Connection, Philly People and Simphonia on labels such as Streetwise, Easy Street and Cotillion. Another huge Simpson track is the Serious Intention release ‘You Don’t Know’ which although didn’t make it onto this mix is another one of our favourite records. Keep an eye out for those Paul Simpson related tracks as they are still sounding really fresh.

L.I.F.E. – All Played Out (Bonus) [Dance-Sing Records 1984]

NILES: Part of a job lot of Boogie bought after I spotted a copy of Khemistry’s stupidly hard to find album within this was the surprise of the package. The dub is pure proto-house. Very ‘Metro Area’ sounding (those of you familiar with Darshan Jesrani’s dj sets will know what I’m talking about).
The release contains a dub/beats side which clocks in at around 11 minutes. Very useful and very cheap. Go get a copy.

Komiko – Feel Alright (Vocal and Dub) [Sam Records 1982]

SIMON: With New York being the home to disco/house and garage it’s no surprise to see yet another Big Apple based production making it onto this mix. Sam (Names after founder Sam Weiss) were one of THE disco labels of the 1970’s/80’s and this bass driven electro-(post) disco number was the one and only release from Komoko, which is a shame as it would’ve been nice to hear more from them. This nice lengthy mix (dub) and clean, loud pressing has the vocal on the A-Side and the extra special dub mix on the flip. We’ve decided to play a bit of both sides to give you a taste of the differences between the two tracks. This was purchased from a contact I made via the interwebzzz who was a one time jock in chicago and was selling his mammoth record collection off which included some hard to find and classic italo, disco, funk and cosmic numbers. Shame he never remembered to write ‘Gift’ on those packages though. It cost me more on shipping taxes than the records themselves!

Elektrik Funk – On a Journey (I Sing The Funk Elektrik) [Prelude Records 1982]

NILES: An absolute scorcher this and very much ‘proto-house’. I first heard this track in a particularly refreshed state at an El Diablo’s Social Club Sunday afternooner (it might not even have been El Diablo’s but I remember Duncan and Grainger were there).
Kelvin Andrews (Soul Mechanik) was playing and he dropped this instrumental. I managed to get it written down on the back of a fag packet and tracked it down for about 50p a few months later. It’s a record that never fails to get me dancing and one I never tire of hearing.

David Joseph – Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) [Island Records 1983]

SIMON: Ex keyboard player & vocalist with pioneering Brit-Funk group Hi-Tension, David Joseph went on to persue a solo career in the 80’s and ‘Let’s Live It Up’ was his second solo single. We’ve once again chosen the instrumental version of what is an easy to find and very cheap record but don’t let that put you off (Even if the cheesy photo on the cover of the 12″ does!) as once again it was released in the golden year of ‘83 when something magical was happening within black orientated dance music. A more up-tempo number with brilliant arrangement this track has been finding it’s way onto a number of big name DJ’s (No, not us!) set-lists of late. Picked up for £2 at the ever consistent Oxfam in Bury town centre this is somewhat of a rediscovered gem from the early 80’s club scene. Recommended.

Peter Brown – They Only Come Out At Night (Instrumental) [CBS 1984]

NILES: A Peter Brown track, from 1984, with an instrumental. Sounds great, tell me more.
How about if I told you that the front cover is a picture of a cat in a leather jacket? You’re sold aren’t you…

Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (Instrumental) [Atlantic 1984]

NILES: Simon reckons I suggested putting this on here and I think it was his choice. Either way it’s a stellar track and another appearance from Mr Wu.

Mercy Mercy – What Are We Gonna Do About It? (Dub Mix) [Ensign Records 1985]

NILES: I regularly get asked what this one is and I’ve always been loathe to let on as I’ve not heard many people play it but here you go, have it on me.
This was given to me by the same manager who sorted me out with the Universal Robot Band and Roberta Gilliam tracks (there was a Royal Deelite and a couple of B B Q Band 12’s as well if memory serves me correct).
The heavy guitar section in the middle of this doesn’t distract from the massive bassline and piano. A slo-mo proto house floor filler.

Endgames – Ecstasy [Virgin Records 1983]

NILES: A Brit-Funk holy grail track here. Stupidly catchy melody and all the core boogie elements. If you don’t like it but see it in a 50p bin pick it up anyway and clean up on Ebay.

Raw Silk – Just In Time & Space (Dub) [West End Records 1983]

SIMON: Raw Silk were a female trio who’s major hit was the club smash ‘Do It To The Music’. ‘Just In Time’ was written by Ron Dean Miller (Nuance/Cashmere) and mixed by Nick Martinelli and as good as ‘Do It..’ is, this dub version of ‘Just In Time’ is way more up my street with it’s mid-tempo disco beat that has been strung out to within an inch of it’s life. When the main part of the track kicks in after the extended intro = Wow! Dubbed out wonky synth heaven with some great piano work underneath the main groove. And guess what the year is? Yes, 1983. Says it all. My copy is actually a digital release, purchased from the DJ History download store only last year, taken from the excellent ‘Spaced Out’ compilation which was originally released in 1997 on Disorient Records. If you can’t find (Or don’t buy!) the vinyl, get the .wav file for the highest possible quality. Thanks for reminding us of this release DJH.

Intrigue – I Like It (Instrumental) [Pressure Records 1982]

NILES : More hard to find Brit Funk here from Intrigue. To quote Discogs ‘Intrigue were an early 80’s UK Soul/Boogie outfit who had a number of small-label releases, of which the highly sought after “I Like It,” their debut, is by far the pick of the bunch and has always been near impossible to find.’
The group were from Middlesex by all accounts and I dropped onto this thanks to the excellent ‘Edufunky’ Blogspot.

Radiance featuring Andrea Stone – You’re My Number 1 [Are’n Be Records 1983]

NILES : Hugely catchy Boogie track as featured on the recent (relatively so, 2006?) awesome compilation ‘Destination:Boogie’ compiled by Sean P and Joey Negro.
This was also used by Dimitri from Paris for the track Free Ton Style (correct me if I’m wrong, s’either him or Ray Mang and it was definitely on Monsieur Dimitri’s Deluxe House of Funk).
The instrumental dub gets a lot of play but it seems a waste when the vocal’s as good as this.


So there you go. Hope you enjoy the music and please head down to the party on July 23rd.

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