Cosmic Disco - 10

Cosmic Disco – 10

Here's a mix of tracks we put together last year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary party for our first site, Cosmic Disco.
Niles and Baggy - Music for Swimming Pools

Niles and Baggy – Music for Swimming Pools

It's raining in Manchester but in our hearts we're at the beach...
EP008: Baggy - Awakenings

EP008: Baggy – Awakenings

Now, I’ve not been posting many tracks of late but that’s mainly because I’ve been putting together a couple of mixes. The first of which is ‘Despicable Escape‘ which I put together for good friends El-Diablos Social Club and is (Believe it or not…) on a Chillwave and Dubstep vibe. The second and below effort...