Emotion: Early 80’s, Middleton High-Street Chic

Artist: Carole Anne Berry

Track: Oscar

Album: A Woman Like You

Release: Ultra Phone, 1986

This one was unearthed whilst out on one of my regular weekend visits to my local record store and picked up purely based on how naff the cover is. With a Euro looking Alison Moyet double dressed as an extra from Rita, Sue & Bob Too surely Carole was hiding a gem or two on this LP…

On 1st listen there wasn’t anything other than some interesting synthesiser sounds and a fair-to-middling cover of Bryan Ferry’s ‘Love Is The Drug’, when putting the needle on the last track my ears pricked at the sound of ‘Oscar’, which I recognised from another random 12″ I picked up years earlier. Anyway, ‘Oscar’ was good enough to take a punt on and for a quid I wasn’t complaining.

On my return home a quick dig around Mixcloud to one of my older mixes revealed that I did indeed feature a version of this track by an artist called YPY (You can here YPY’s instrumental version on my A56>Rtn mix by clicking here – from 49:27 onwards), who according to Discogs released the 12″ (1985) before Carole released her version on the LP (1986). Writing credits go to Carole however I noted the YPY 12″ and licensing on the Berry LP are both via Spartan Records so I can only assume this is where the link between the artists/tracks is to be found…

Anyway, an early flash of how synth-pop influenced those early proto-house sounds and features some incredible piano work (In turn, no doubt influenced by Dan Hartman’s ‘Relight My Fire’/Hi-Voltage’s ‘Somewhere Beyond’.) of which i’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy.


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