Emotion : Heartache

Artist : Annabel Lamb

Track : Dream Boy

Album : The Flame

Release Details : A & M Records, 1983

You met him on a holiday with your parents to Mexico. It was a package holiday but you felt like you were on a massive adventure.

He was from Grays or Bracknell or somewhere foreign and exotic like that. Somewhere you’d never heard of.
He wore loads of hairspray and had a belting suntan.

You both lied to your parents about going to the fun club and went into the local town and got pissed on shit tequila and you had a ropey necking session in the cleaner’s shed.

It’s the end of your 2-week stay now though and you’re boarding the coach, searching frantically to get one last glimpse at your first true love. You won’t though. He’s off down the beach with a lad from Wales who rides motorbikes. You turn on your walkman…